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Brain diseases are among the most common health problems in our country. Diagnostic and therapeutic services are available for both adult and pediatric patients in the Neurosurgery Clinic.

In our hospitals, all spinal diseases are treated including brain tumors, cerebral hemorrhages, strokes and relevant vascular diseases as well as deformities. Specialist physicians serve patients with advanced techniques and microsurgical diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

Our Neurosurgery Team consists of physicians from certain departments, such as Neurology, Neuroradiology, Neuroanesthesiology and Psychiatry.

Treatment of cerebrovascular diseases can be guided alone or jointly by interventional neuroradiology team or surgery (microsurgical) team according to the patient's medical condition.

All cases are postoperatively supervised in the intensive care unit with joint approach of neurosurgery and intensive care teams.

Our Department of Pediatrics plays an active role in the pre-operative evaluation and postoperative follow-up of pediatric patients, who are followed up by pediatricians throughout their hospital stay.


- Gamma Knife Center: Gamma Knife radiosurgery is the only non-invasive “surgical treatment" method. In other words, accuracy of surgical treatment is ensured without drilling the skull. The patient may resume ordinary social and work life one day after the treatment.

- Neurostimulator Center:  Patients with Parkinson's disease who cannot tie their shoelaces or button up their shirts regain their old healthy days with a neurostimulator surgery. The patient is awake in the first 5 to 6 hours of the surgery.

- Spinal Surgery Center: Operations are carried out for herniated cervical and lumbar discs, stenotic spinal canal, calcium deposits in spine, spine and spinal cord tumors, spinal deformities and scoliosis.